Latest campaigns and appeals

Together we can make makes a real difference to patients’ lives, throughout all our hospitals. Listed below are some of the appeals and campaigns for which we would love your support.


The Gynae VOiCE campaign aims to support the department to assist local women going through or having experienced any gynaecological cancers, including Vulval, Ovarian, Cervical and Endometrial cancers.

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Baby Bereavement Appeal

This appeal is to help those families who have suffered baby loss and initially funds will help create a specific bereavement room on the delivery unit. This appeal will continue to support families who suffer baby loss. Donate here

Bumps & Babies

Over 6,000 babies are born at our hospital a place where many special memories are created by parents as they welcome their new arrivals into the world. Families benefit from maternity and women’s beds, theatre suite, foetal assessment, MLBU, ultrasound department and neonatal intensive care unit.
The staff would like support in continuing to improve the facilities provided to our mums.

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We treat over 900 poorly and premature babies in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit every year. Some may be with us for a few months while they grow and become strong enough to go home, others may just need a few days support with feeding. Babies born with specific problems may need surgery or complex medical care. Babies may start off in our Intensive Care room and as they grow and improve will progress through to High Dependency and on the Special Care rooms. When well enough to go home some babies and families will still need support and we are able to provide this with our Outreach Team of nurses.
The money you raise helps to pay for the most up to date equipment to care for babies, ensuring that staff are able to receive up to date training and that parents are supported with good facilities while their baby is in hospital.

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Cancer & Oncology Care

Many of our staff at the hospital supports the work of the cancer and oncology departments and its specialisms. In addition to the wards and units that focus on the treatment and care of those suffering from and living with cancer, we also have surgical and research activity of the highest quality. To help fund the fantastic work taking place to help patients, please read more on where you can help.

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‘Neuro’ is a broad and important family of interconnected and highly talented medics and nurses providing leading care for seriously ill patients. Our hospital is developing our Neuroscience department and currently the team provides a comprehensive range of specialist services and use the very latest research and best practice to make sure the care patients receive is safe, effective and of the highest possible quality. We fundraise to support services and research across the neurosciences department.

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Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital

Our children’s hospital the Jenny Lind Children’s hospital which has been helping children for 164 years. Basically, we were the second city in the country to get a children’s hospital after Great Ormond Street in 1854 and it was funded by the famous Swedish singer Jenny Lind and has helped hundreds of thousands of children since it was built.
We never know when one of our loved ones may be in hospital and so helping fund items for our Children’s Hospital can have a direct impact on local people – your friends, your colleagues and your families who may use this facility.

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On any given day up to a third of adult inpatients across all specialties will have either acute confusion or a pre-existing diagnosis of dementia in our hospital. Whilst the major risk factor for dementia is age, there are currently 45,000 people in the UK under the age of 65 living with dementia. Whilst rare, it may affect people as young as thirty.

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Charity ward funds are used for purchases needed on the ward that are over and above what is covered by the NHS.
The aim is to make the ward a more pleasant and efficient environment for patients and staff through the addition of practical items such as equipment and extra furniture, TVs for rooms, exercise equipment, books and items to help pass the time. Additional staff training to support excellent patient care is also possible through charitable funds.

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N&N Hospitals Charity Helping Across the hospitals

The work of the N&N Hospitals Charity enhances the physical environment of the hospitals for patients, staff and visitors. We fund research and state-of-the-art equipment. Through fundraising the Charity is able to fund projects which touch the lives of the thousands of people cared for by the hospitals and local community services each year.

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AdamLatest campaigns and appeals