Leave a gift in a Will

Help transform care for generations to come

We all need some help from the your hospital at some point – maybe from A&E, the birth of a child or a serious illness and often you will have had treatment at the N&N, Cromer or Jenny Lind Childrens Hospitals.

The fact is, a gift left to the charity in a Will makes a huge difference to improving patient care – allowing us to offer the best treatment, delivered by the best staff, in the most modern facilities and with the most up-to-date equipment. Generous legacies allowed us to build Cromer Hospital. Help us do more for our patients, above and beyond our NHS funding. Download our leaflet to find out more about what a gift in a Will can achieve or watch our short film.

Look to the future

You don’t need to leave a fortune, or decide between the hospital and your family, but anything you do leave will help to keep delivering the very best care to everyone who needs it – for many people in the future.

It’s easier to leave a gift than you might think

A gift can be made simply by adding a Codicil to an existing Will or alternatively you can make a new Will.

If you think you could help by leaving a gift in your Will please click Download our leaflet.

If you would like to talk to someone about leaving a gift in your Will, please contact Mercy Kaggwa, Fundraising Coordinator on 01603 286786 or email mercy.kaggwa@nnuh.nhs.uk 

You can also support us during our Make A Will Month from 1st – 31st October.

AdamLeave a gift in a Will